Kolarov after goal, last gasp victory: “It’s a fundamental victory for us. Bologna’s penalty? I got the ball first”.

Aleksandar Kolarov spoke to Sky Sport after scoring in the Giallorossi’s 2-1 victory against Bologna. These are his words: 

It’s a victory full of character and excellent physical condition.
Yes, we’re doing well mostly because we want to make the opponent do the running while we conserve our energy. It’s a fundamental victory that will help guide the team. We have a couple of matches all close together: we won at home and now we’ve done so on the road. We need to keep looking forward.

What was your perception of the penalty awarded to Bologna?
From the pitch, I was convinced I didn’t hit the opponent first. It’s not as if I can disappear after touching the ball. I reiterate this even after having seen the video in the dressing room. I asked the referee to review while VAR also had a look and caught nothing, which is wrong. It’s a shame because that compromised a match we had dominated.

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