Kolarov: “De Rossi? I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about a club”.

John Solano

Aleksandar Kolarov was interviewed today by DAZN. These are his words:

De Rossi is set to leave.
I consider Daniele a brother. The first match I played with Roma was in Bergamo against Atalanta. Sometimes before certain matches captains give a speech, but Daniele always does so and when I heard him talk and the emotion he transmitted I thought to myself how good this guy is. I’ve been thru a lot in my career, but I’ve never seen someone so passionate about a club. I’m a Red Star supporter and didn’t have the good fortune to spend my entire career there because that wasn’t the ambition. He was lucky enough to play for the club he loves. We were talking in the dressing room one time about our careers because most of us have our better years behind us, and he said he wanted to finish here, but we all saw what happened. I think in 3 or 4 months when the next season starts, everyone will realise what Daniele De Rossi was for Roma.

What about your relationship with the Roma supporters?
In Serbia, we say that one cannot be more Catholic than the Pope: I’ve been here for two seasons and I can’t convince the Romanisti that I am Romanista, but every time I step on the pitch I try to do my best. Sometimes my everything is enough, other times it isn’t. I always honor the shirt.

Florenzi is in line to become the new captain.
He was lucky enough to play with Totti and De Rossi and has had excellent examples, but this also involves huge responsibility because we all know how Totti and De Rossi are considered in Rome. He is a smart guy, he will know how to react in the right way.

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