Kolarov: “Roma is doing well and we must continue. Fonseca? His determination is special”.

John Solano

Roma left-back Aleksandar Kolarov was interviewed today by Sky Sport before the Gran Gala del Calcio, which is scheduled for tonight. Here’s what the Serbian had to say:

How satisfied are you that you’re here representing Roma during an extremely positive moment for the team?
It is a positive moment for us, we are playing well so we must continue like this. It’s an honor to be here, especially at my age, so we’ll see what happens. I’m happy for Roma.

You get better with age, just like wine.
I’ll do another four years then (laughs).

But don’t take the penalties anymore.
Honestly, I’ve missed more penalties that I have free kicks. I was never a penalty taker. Last year De Rossi and Perotti were injured so I started taking them. But now we’ve got a lot of guys who can take them and I allow them to handle it.

When you arrived at Roma, you were 32 years old and it could have been expected that your career was coming to a close. Instead, though, we’ve seen you improve in your performance — both you and Roma have improved. Did you expect this?
Each player must challenge himself. When I arrived at Roma, I was convinced that I could do well and I still am.

What’s special about Fonseca?
His idea of ​​football, how he plays the games, how he explains how we should play and, above all, his determination.

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