La Repubblica, Marco Mensurati: “Pallotta says what we wrote is bullshit? He always labels things like this, even when it’s true”.

John Solano

La Repubblica journalist Marco Mensurati who, along with Carlo Bonini, published an in-depth investigative piece today, which outlined a season of chaos in the Giallorossi dressing room, spoke to SportItalia today about the article and addressed the rumors that Daniele De Rossi could sue him for defaming him in the piece. These are his words:

“The article is based on direct documents and testimonies. As for the threat of a lawsuit by De Rossi, I calmly await the notice of a lawsuit. It would be the trial of the century because at that point we would have the chance to show our documents and call witnesses, who wouldn’t be able to lie, to court. It would be a lot of fun, but I sincerely don’t think it will happen, though, it would be quite amusing. As far as Pallotta goes — he constantly barks that things are bullshit, he says this about things that are both false and true. In the end, it seems that the bullshit comes in the form of what Pallotta says”.

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