Lazio fans attack group of disabled Roma supporters after Derby della Capitale

Andy Mattioli

The latest Derby della Capitale saw a group of Lazio fans harass and attack a group of disabled Roma supporters on Saturday evening.

The managers of the Arvalia agency, which in collaboration with Roma is responsible for accompanying disabled Giallorossi fans to watch the matches, reported having suffered an attack in the evening while they were taking the fans home.

One of their minibuses was damaged in the rear, in particular in the handle of the door from which people confined to wheelchairs can access the vehicle.

According to Corriere dello Sport, there were also reports of an attack on a disabled fan after the derby.

Arvalia agency released a statement on Facebook in regards to the incident:

“Every weekend we accompany disabled Roma fans in wheelchairs to the stadium to give them the opportunity to enjoy their team not from home but directly at the Olimpico. Unfortunately on this occasion – Roma/Lazio – some person without a minimum of brains or even humanity, damaged one of the means we use to donate this service, causing us rather significant damage. A damage that our members will have to pay by self-financing.”

“But we are sure and certain of one thing – that is that violent and stupid fans are truly a small part, but unfortunately they cause damage and find their way into the news. This will not prevent us from continuing to offer a service for those who have great difficulty going to the stadium because they are in a wheelchair. We will continue to help them, because only together can we fight ignorance, violence, stupidity and only together can we give joy and happiness. Long live solidarity in sports!”

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