Lazio President Claudio Lotito: “I was never a Roma fan.”

Andy Mattioli

Lazio President Claudio Lotito denied the claims that he had supported city rivals Roma in the past.

On the recent occasion of an event dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Lazio’s anthem, Lotito clarified his past to the media.

“The notion that I am a Roma fan is an urban legend. I was never a Roma fan,” declared the Italian senator.

“I’ve been a Lazio fan since the age of 5. I had a nanny who, when she took me for a walk, she would meet her boyfriend fleetingly, who among other things was a baker. And he, perhaps to distract me, asked me what team I was from and then told me: “you must be from Lazio!”. And so I became a Lazio supporter.”

“If I had been a Roma fan I wouldn’t have put in the passion, the determination, and I wouldn’t have endured everything I have endured and still continue to endure as a Lazio fan.”