Lecce goalkeeper Falcone: “It’s always special to face Roma, it’s the club of my heart.”

RomaPress Staff

Lecce goalkeeper Wladimiro Falcone admitted he’s eager for Monday when his side hosts Roma at the Stadio Via del Mare.

In an interview with DAZN, Falcone shared his deep-rooted connection to the Giallorossi and the emotions felt when facing his hometown side.

“I was born and raised in Rome, my family supports Roma, so it was inevitable for me to be a Roma fan,” he explained.

“When I play against Roma, my family always hopes that Roma wins, and for a day, they are against me “For me, it’s always a special match because it’s the team of my heart.”

Reflecting on the pressure of facing his childhood club, Falcone added, “Mourinho once said that every time I play against Roma, I deserve the Yashin Award or something like that [laughs].”

“Having always declared myself as a Roma supporter, I feel an extra pressure against the Giallorossi because I have to prove myself. If I make a mistake, everyone is ready to point fingers and say that I did it on purpose, so I have to give even more than 100%.”

He also reminisced about a memorable moment, saying, “I remember the penalty saved against Lukaku at the Olimpico; it’s a unique emotion. It’s a joy to have been the first in Italy to save a penalty from Lukaku, and I hold onto that dearly.”

Sharing insights into his penalty-saving technique, Falcone revealed, “I always study the penalty takers until the very end, then I rely on instinct. There are penalties that are impossible to save, especially the high ones and the low ones struck hard and close to the post. The easiest ones are penalties kicked at mid-height or not extremely angled.”

“Who’s the strongest at saving penalties? Until recently, I would have said Handanovic; he has great reflexes. As of now, though, I’d say [Mile] Svilar: he’s saved quite a few lately—for Serie A, he’d be my choice.”

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