Lega Serie A responds to Roma regarding scheduling controversy involving Juve-Napoli

John Solano

Lega Serie A has responded after Roma demanded an explanation regarding their scheduling decision for Juve-Napoli.

Roma wrote to the league yesterday after it was announced that Juventus-Napoli would be played on 7th April. The match between the sides was originally scheduled for 4th October but was suspended to 21st March due to COVID-19 health protocols.

Several clubs around the league believed that the two clubs were given preferential treatment after they were allowed to, once again, reschedule the game. Roma were especially angry because they face Napoli next weekend three days after their match in Ukraine against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Because of the Lega’s decision, Roma requested that their match with Napoli, which is scheduled for next Sunday, be postponed. Lega Serie A, however, has rejected their request and claim that their decision was within the regulations.

“Everything was done within the rules,” their response read according to Matteo Pinci of La Repubblica.

“In your original correspondence, you reference a violation of Article 29. However, Article 29 only applies to clubs that are also participating in European competitions.”

Therefore, next Sunday’s match will be played as scheduled.

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