Leo Messi: “There’s still time for Dybala to recover for the World Cup.”

Andy Mattioli

Lionel Messi spoke about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar and the challenges that the competition has posed to international football through an extremely demanding schedule which in turn has led several key players to suffer fatigue-related injuries.

In his comments, Messi touched upon Dybala and Di Maria’s recent injuries with their respective clubs in an interview with DirectTV Sports.

“Is there concern for them? Yes, absolutely, above all because it will be a different World Cup, it will be played in a different period than in the past.”

“Any little thing can put you at risk of missing it, just look at Dybala and Di Maria’s situation. However, I believe that we must go on without thinking about injuries, it can be counterproductive.”

“The best thing is to work normally, play like we always do, that is the best way. I believe there will be time to recover both Paulo and Angel for the World Cup,” he concluded.

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