Live, Di Francesco speaks ahead of Roma-Milan

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke ahead of tomorrow’s match against Milan. These are his words:

How do you restart after that defeat?
By putting in place a high-level performance, not only physical but also mental, which is essential.

Milan is doing well. What sort of opponent do you expect?
Three matches ago they could’ve been considered in trouble just like us, but in a week everything changes: judgments and opinions. They had an excellent performance in the cup, it will not be an easy match. It’s an organised team and they’re in a good moment.

How is De Rossi?
I hope he can give a performance from the standpoint of simply his presence and perhaps be like a manager on the pitch for us. The real doubts are really long he’ll be on the pitch. It’s a question mark, but he trained constantly and gave positive answers. He’s managed to do everything without having pain. He’s a focal point for us to build off.

Were you disappointed with Dzeko’s nervousness? Did he talk to the team?
It was the ugliest part of a painful defeat. Edin apologised publicly to the whole team, he has experience. We are men, he was wrong and that shouldn’t have to happen. In a match when you’re losing and down to 10 men, intelligence lies in not conceding more goals. We compromised the match by our attitude. Luckily, we have a chance to restart.

Do you still feel a united block?
We must improve, but there is the desire and the desire to be able to start over. It’s just like real life. I feel sort of like a dad who did not give the right advice, but in other cases I have. We must find unity of purpose and in the difficulties we must not disunite. We’ve fallen down several times this season, we can’t allow it to happen anymore.

Did you make the evaluations you wanted to do after Fiorentina? Is there a main cause?
Rather than finding faults, I have to find the solutions —- you can write and judge who’s right or wrong, but I have to find solutions. We must be united, sincere in general communication. In the dressing room, the most important thing you need when communicating is loyalty. We need unity of purpose and we have to show it on the pitch. We are responsible and we must remedy the difficult moment.

Ünder’s conditions?
He’s recovering, but he’s not ready. I’m not very interested, I have other thoughts. I smile today that I received a letter that Dzeko should not play, tomorrow because he plays El Shaarawy or Kolarov. We need everyone, some more and some less. Everyone next to each other must hide the faults of his neighbor. It’s a general speech with which I want to make people understand.

You said you did not want to resign. What is the circumstance that would lead you to resign?
It is a question you asked me after Bologna, after Plzen, and after this. It is a little obvious, but it is the results and the performances that determine this or talk to the players and try to understand if we are united, otherwise they’re just rumors —- but this is the case when you talk football 24 hours a day, you need rumors and talking points.

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