Lorenzo Pellegrini: “I’d like to stay at Roma for life. Fonseca? In my opinion, one of the best five managers in the world”.

John Solano

Lorenzo Pellegrini gave an extensive interview in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport. Here’s what the Roma midfielder had to say:

Why is it so difficult to win in Rome?
Winning is difficult everywhere. The only thing you can do to win is to work, be serious, professional and create a strong and positive atmosphere and try to drown out the external pressure. Today, Roma is growing in this regard and important steps have been made. I don’t know if we’ll win or not, but there’s a new atmosphere. But I’ll say it again: in order to win, you have to work. I’m convinced that a player expresses himself on a Sunday at the same level he displayed in training throughout the week.

Did Fonseca help this climate?
This season we’ve found a manager who, in my opinion, is among the best five in the world. Not only from a technical point of view, but also because of his character and the positivity he brings to the group. He and his staff take care of the team from all points of view and make it clear there is no fooling around here. There’s never been a group like this one here. We’re close and we help each other. I realise that winning is expected from us. I’m convinced that if we continue like this, we’ll be able to take away a lot of satisfaction.

Is the Champions League an achievable goal this year?
It is our goal. This has been a year of major changes. We are improving. We don’t have to limit ourselves because we don’t have any. The Champions League is reachable if we continue like this.

What does it mean to be Roman at Roma?
It is an important responsibility. You feel compelled to make your people happy. I know how much football matters to people and their family.

Will you remain at Roma for life?
I always try to be sincere — words are always judged — so at least what I actually think will be judged. The fact that my career can be compared to those of Totti or Daniele is only an honor for me. At this moment, I would like to stay here forever, but this must also be the intention of the club. I’m a very ambitious guy who demands a lot from himself and from others. It’d be perfect for me if I stayed here forever. I’m proud of Roma, I’m not just saying that as a formality, but I really think this club can grow even more. Some say that winning a Scudetto in Rome is like winning ten elsewhere, but I want to win ten. Ten is worth ten.

How are you handling the change of ownership?
All what we know is what we’ve been reading. Our only reality is what happens in the dressing and on the pitch every single day. The rest doesn’t depend on us, we’re waiting and realise things could change, but Roma remains Roma. 

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