Luigi Di Biagio: “Pellegrini is one of Europe’s top players.”

Andy Mattioli

Ex-Roma midfielder Luigi Di Biagio and former technician of the Italian national team U21 spoke about Pellegrini’s development and Zaniolo’s future in a brief interview with Sky Sport.

“I had them [Lorenzo Pellegrini and Sandro Tonali] play for the U21 team when they were four years younger than their peers,” Di Biagio said.

“Pellegrini is one of Europe’s top players,” he added. “He’s proving his worth, just like Tonali.”

On Zaniolo, Di Biagio added, “He’s growing after two years of injuries. Now, I hear that he’s on the market so we’ll have to see what happens next.”

“I think he needs to find both physical and mental strength. Only then will he be able to become a national sensation.”

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