Mkhitaryan proud of team victory over Genoa

Henrikh Mkhitaryan of AS Roam
Andy Mattioli

Henrikh Mkhitaryan gave one of the better performances in tonight’s win vs Genoa. The Armenian international was interviewed by DAZN after being praised by Mourinho as ‘Man of the Match.’

“I say thank you to Mourinho and my teammates. Today we did everything to win and we had a few opportunities to score but we didn’t. Luckily in the second half we improved some aspects and in the end we found the goal.”

On the advice he would give to Felix:

“He should not lose his head, he is still 18, it is important to learn how to work.”

“Scoring 2 goals today does not mean that he will have it downhill from now on. He has to gain confidence and fight for the team, we all do it and he has to do the same too.”

On the level of Serie A being higher than ever before:

“Expectations are always high and we also always want to be as high as possible. From the start of the campaign the goal was to be in the top 4 and that’s still what we want to do, the season is still long and we have to understand that some teams will lose points.”

“We have to play better and win games, over the last month we lost a lot of points and that wasn’t what we wanted. We have to stay focused and win the next games.”

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