Mourinho addresses fans in Christmas message: “Roma is a family.”

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho addressed the Roma fanbase through the club’s official channels with special Christmas wishes.

“It is Christmas and at a time like this we must always find the opportunity to think about the world, about our neighbor, but first of all about our family and our fans. From day number one in which I arrived in Rome I understood that Rome and the Roma fans are family, friends for me.”

“This is why I could not miss the opportunity to wish them Christmas greetings.”

“When I got here, things were immediately very clear. Time is not an empty concept, but it is a word that means a lot. To work with time you need empathy, because without empathy time flies and nothing is built. Empathy is very important. And I assure you that here, within the walls of Trigoria, empathy exists and is not an end in itself. It is an empathy that grows, which becomes more and more solid.”

“Here everyone works and everyone wants to do it as a team, we are becoming really strong from this point of view. And I think you are feeling it. And precisely because you are feeling it, game after game, we hear your noise, your cheering, which is a noise that supports us.”

“For me it is a pride and an honor to work for Roma, for you. Thanks for everything, on my behalf and on behalf of the players. Always fantastic support, at the Olimpico, away from home, sold out, there is always your noise, the noise of friends and this is priceless for us.”

“The future must be bright. Obviously I dream of winning, because it is in my nature, in my history. I am not only happy to improve and lay the foundations for the future. I also want to win, we all want it.”

“We hope that 2022 will give us the opportunity to add other steps in the construction of a Roma that you will not only love, but that will make you feel proud of what it can achieve.”

“Surely your ambition and our ambition is in my nature, as a coach, as a person and we will try to do everything possible to reduce this time as soon as possible and get where we want to go.”

“The most important thing in this period is to be able to spend the holidays in health, in peace and if I can give you a little advice is to stay safe, follow the rules and try to overcome this negative period we are experiencing, let’s hope for the last. time.”

“Greetings to all, happy Christmas, happy new year. We meet again soon at the Olimpico, immediately in the first week of January. We will immediately enjoy the first match against Roma-Juventus, we will be there together once more “

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