Mourinho after 4-0 win: “Good result. I’m happy to work with these guys.”

Andy Mattioli

After tonight’s win against Zorya Luhansk, Roma are guaranteed to go through and will play their chances for the top spot vs CSKA Sofia. Jose Mourinho spoke to Sky Sport following the match.

“The first sign is the responsibility to move forward in this group, which we had to win. We have done very, very well from the first minute, the result is highly deserved, we created a lot.”

“The opponent is not of a high level, but they are capable of creating difficulties: they are aggressive and play man-to-man. We looked for solutions, with important performances on an individual level. We are happy.”

On Zaniolo’s performance:

“The fact that he sat on the bench at Venezia was a consequence of a week with physical problems and in which he did not train.”

“The second one against Genoa was because I thought that Shomurodov offered more depth.”

“Today he played well, as I said I didn’t expect anything from him alone but from the team: I got what I wanted. I really liked his attitude.”

On Abraham:

“I think that he is also undertaking a path like others: , my team is made up of good people. Even in defeat I am never angry with them because there is always a team spirit and group attitude. It is truly a bunch of good guys who need to grow up.”

“Tammy comes from a different reality, from an ever dominant team where the attacker is only there to score goals and not to work with the team. Here it is important for us to work for the team.”

“Today, due to the necessity of the system, I needed my two forwards to put pressure on the central defenders and on the back 4. Tammy too is also buying into this team concept, obviously he can score more goals and he will do it.”

“I’m happy because his attitude is changing a lot. We could have done better in the Serie A standings and won this group, but I’m happy with the guys and above all to work with them.”

More on Zaniolo:

“He has great potential, but he has a lot to learn from a tactical point of view and stability in his behavior on the pitch. He is so talented and doesn’t need ups and downs in terms of trust.”

“He is very good and even when things don’t come out he must always be aware of his potential. What we must never forget is the emotional scar of a guy who has had major injury problems which still affect him.”

“With Juventus he was playing a fantastic match, similar to today’s game with the difference in the quality of the opponents, and at the first sign he had the typical fear of those who have suffered too much.”

“We must leave it alone. If I can ask the press in Rome not to tell lies, not to invent stories and not to invent problems between us. I am here to help him, I understand that lies sell more but I ask you to let us work calmly. Roberto Mancini will also be happy if we can give him a useful player for the Azzurri.”

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