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Mourinho blasts Lazio: “In 2022 you can still win by scoring on an off-side position.”

José Mourinho did not appreciate some of the questions from the media following his side’s scoreless draw with Bologna.

When asked about the deployment of Zaniolo as a striker, the Special One commented, “I’ve been coaching 22 years and everything stays the same.”

“A lot of things change in football,” he continued. “But you [the media], don’t.”

“After each game there are questions and comments, in 22 years that’s one of the few things that haven’t changed.”

He then blasted Lazio’s controversial win against Spezia with a goal in off-side by Acerbi.

“Another thing that hasn’t changed is that 22 years ago you could have won a game with an offside goal and 22 years later you can still win with an offside goal. Yesterday a team won with a goal in offside. Think about it.”

“You make changes as a coach because you have to, because you want to avoid injuries, because you want to rest some players. That as well hasn’t changed in 22 years.”

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