Mourinho concerned about Paulo Dybala’s condition after injury versus Cagliari

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho expressed his concern for Paulo Dybala in the aftermath of Cagliari-Roma.

Following Roma’s win over Cagliari, Jose Mourinho analyzed the team’s performance and discussed Dybala’s exit before halftime.

“With Dybala I have no optimism, I always trust the players a lot and when he is not optimistic I am not optimistic,” Mourinho told DAZN at full-time.

“We have to wait for the tests and the results of the tests but I trust a lot in the player’s experience and knowledge of their body. Paulo is not optimistic and I am not optimistic.”

“Today was a tough match for us because there were only Primavera players on the bench in midfield and when we get three yellow cards in the first half it becomes tough for us.”

“Look, I work with the players and this staff every day. These people work there every minute, we travel together we eat together and this bubble here that is always together let’s say that we thought of one thing, winning match after match without thinking about anything else.”

“I am very isolated and I don’t have a great social life and therefore I live a little isolated from the noise from outside. I don’t think about anyone else and I know what I want for myself because I’m not a child.”

“I’m very happy because we won the match, although I’m not too happy about our total points. It’s a shame that now players go to the national team, we will certainly lose Paulo for a long period of time. Tonight we ended up with a midfield with Pagano, Celik, Bove. But great team spirit and very happy with the boys. I have to thank them.”

“My future? I don’t know what rumors you’re referring to. I have a contract until June 30th and I know perfectly well what I want, which is to give everything I can give to Roma. Today I am very happy because Roma won and I am here for this. To help the boys achieve the results that the owners want, the fans want and that we, more than anyone, want because it is our life.”

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