Mourinho confident Roma are “growing in mentality.”

Andy Mattioli

Following their 2-1 away win with Empoli, Roma are already looking to their upcoming Europa League engagement at home with Helsinki. Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho addressed the team’s perseverance in last night’s win as well as outlined Roma’s growing mentality over the last few months.

“For me the team has grown in mentality over the past year and especially since we won the Conference League,” he told DAZN after the final whistle.

“Perhaps it’s not the Champions League, but it was an important trophy for us. Expectations also rose when we signed this incredible player (Dybala) who, perhaps, had he been in better physical condition he would not have decided to join us.”

Mourinho added, “We have to grow in other aspects. There are players who have to learn to be more competitive.”

“What Zaniolo did to be here with us tonight was incredible: he worked like an animal to be here. He took a risk, he is an example of what we need.”

On Abraham, Mourinho sounded quite stern as usual, “He must learn to live with Belotti. We had two strikers playing today, we need these options going forward.”

Finally, the Special One praised Dybala’s performance, “The team grows with him and he grows with the team. Asking of Paulo to do more individually would be impossible. By playing together you can do a lot.”

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