Mourinho critical of Roma’s win vs Spezia: “I like the result, not the game.”

Jose Mourinho of AS Roma
Andy Mattioli

After leading Roma to a much needed victory against Spezia, Jose Mourinho was interviewed by Sky Sport where he shared his thoughts on the game, the second half drop-off and the season of ups and downs.

“I liked the two goals we scored, because we tried them yesterday for 25 minutes.”

“I like the result not the game. We had it under control and from the middle of the first half we gave away the game and lost a lot of easy possessions.”

“We didn’t create space and it wasn’t difficult to play against them at the time.”

“To be honest I didn’t like the game, I liked the effort of some players like Ibanez who remained on the pitch despite feeling discomfort, but we didn’t control the game, not even at 2-0.”

“With Smalling out everything changed, with Cristante as slotting in the back and he doesn’t even like to play there. The two full backs were tired, the team gave the opponent the opportunity to play until the end.”

On Smalling, Ibanez and Zaniolo’s condition ahead of Atalanta:

“Let’s see, Ibanez played 90 minutes today, Smalling didn’t. They are two different players, Smalling felt something that forced him to go out.”

“Ibanez always plays, I hope it’s more exhaustion than anything else. Atalanta play with a high intensity and have an important squad.”

“Zaniolo – I don’t know, he suffered from fatigue recently. It will be tough.”

On Roma’s progress under him:

“In a season without injuries, red cards and fatigue, we would have the potential to be a good team, a team that can grow, not to play for the scudetto but still, for something important.”

“We have a lot of cards piled up, we look like a team of assassins. There is accumulated fatigue and when this is the case, players lose potential.”

“We hope in the market, not in January which will be a small thing.”

“We need our most creative players. I am critical because I want more from everybody and everything, so that I can then sit quietly on the bench.”

“Mancini, Pellegrini, Zaniolo, El Shaarawy: there are too many players out and it’s tough for a squad like ours.”

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