Mourinho discusses 100th match with Roma

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho spoke about managing his 100th match with Roma before tonight’s kick-off in Bergamo.

“It went by really quickly,” Mourinho told DAZN before the match. “I didn’t know it until this morning. It went by really quickly and it’s our fault because we’ve played so many European games and we did so by having fun.”

“Dybala? He’s available, obviously he’s on the bench because he’s not in top form, but if he’s on the bench he’s not there just to mess around, like others do in other teams. He is there to be an option and he will surely get his 30 minutes tonight.”

“Smalling’s absence? It’s tough because he’s a very important player. Beyond being tactically good, he has great communication and leadership skills. We know our difficulties when Smalling hasn’t played, now that we’ve lost him for I don’t know how many games, we have to do it with the players we have available.”

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