Mourinho discusses Dybala’s return from injury and Karsdorp’s exclusion

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho completed his round of media appearances following this afternoon’s draw at the Stadio Olimpico with Torino with a post-match press conference.

“The situation with Paulo is obvious. You all saw it today. In twenty minutes with Paulo on the pitch we had more emotions, more drive and more clear-cut chances. We did much more when he was on.”

“We had to play six league games in a row without him, that’s a lot for us. And two without him and Lorenzo, which is absurd for a team like us,” Mourinho added.

“Because of this, I leave the stadium today with hope and encouraged with the attitude of the players in the last minutes of the game. We missed a penalty, hit the woodwork and still kept going. That’s impressive.”

“We have our limits, but I’m satisfied and can see a window of opportunity and hope ahead of us.”

“Volpato didn’t play well today,” Mourinho remarked. “But that’s entirely my fault. He’s not the type of player that you play with against a side like Torino, who are very aggressive and like to press very tightly.”

“That was my fault. I took him off because I wanted to protect him and improve the team.”

“Karsdorp’s exclusion? It was my decision. And I don’t have to explain the decisions I make. He knows why I excluded him, his teammates do too.”

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