Mourinho discusses importance of integrating Primavera players with first team

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Jose Mourinho discussed the important role that Primavera players can have on the Giallorossi’s first team.

In light of Pisilli’s goal in last night’s win over Sheriff Tiraspol, Mourinho said to Roma TV, “Pagano and Pisilli represent what Bove and Volpato were last year, who always worked with us and who were ahead of the other guys. It wasn’t a debut, but I let them play and they are good. I had the opportunity to make Mannini’s debut and it’s a joy to watch these kids enjoy themselves.”

“These guys have a lot of emotion, because they love the club. They grow up here and it’s a dream for them to make their debut. For me it’s a joy.”

“Second place in the group? We deserve it for the horrible match in Prague, since we only made a mistake in that one. However, it will be a nice, exciting playoff, with the stadium full and very motivated to play against a Champions League team. Now let’s think about all the challenges that we will have to face until February.”

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26 May 20:45