Mourinho discusses life in Rome, ambitions & more: “I know what I came here for.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Jose Mourinho was recently interviewed by CBS Sports where he described at length the main motivations behind his appointment in the Italian capital.

“I don’t want to be poetic and say it was love at first sight, because football is not like that,” said the Special One.

“Roma is a different project than what I’m used to, I usually go to clubs where the goal is to have immediate success.”

“I couldn’t have found a club with more passionate supporters. Roma supporters are also special in the way they live and breathe their team.”

On his personal ambitions with the Giallorossi, Mourinho commented “I know where I am and I know what I came here for.”

“What I try to find is a balance: to be smart in the market, to create an identity and provide stability to the club.”

“Roma must be successful, a city like Rome, the history behind us… I have the utmost respect for Lazio and its history, but Roma is the people’s team. Romans are Romanisti.”

When asked what drives him each day, Mourinho said, “You can fall in love with football, work, many things, but if you don’t love your family, friends and relatives, you’re nobody.”

“I think in football the most important thing is that you don’t work for yourself, but for others. I work for the players, for the fans, for my family, for my friends, for that happiness and when you carry that love in the DNA of your work I think you are one step ahead.”

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