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Mourinho embraces Roma supporters: “When I look at the Curva Sud, I get emotional.”

In a preview for a lengthy interview with Federico Buffa for Sky Sport, Jose Mourinho reflected on his time at Roma.

The Portuguese technician discussed his decision to join and the rapport with the fans.

“Roma came to me and made a presentation which I really liked, and it was the ownership that made me come.”

“Later, when I arrived here and learned about Romanism, about the fans’ spirit, I learned about all their doubts, I learned about all their frustrations and I tried to get into their headspace.”

“I like Romanism. I like the pure Romanisti, I like the Romanisti I meet on the street. When I’m on the bench and I look to the right [at the Curva Sud] at the Olimpico I still get emotional.”

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