Mourinho lauds Roma’s performance in win over Feyenoord

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho reacted to his team’s impressive performance in tonight’s comeback win with Feyenoord.

After the final whistle, Mourinho was asked by Sky Sport to discuss what it took for his men to come back from a 1-0 disadvantage.

“The team played very well in a game that was difficult to play and manage at the same time,” said the Special One.

“Dybala’s situation didn’t help in our preparations leading up to it, just as Wijnaldum’s injury doesn’t help manage the game because he eats up a substitution. To put Dybala in I knew I would have to have another substitution ready.”

“The lads managed the game well against a very good team, but we were superior,” he added.

“You can also understand why I have so much white hair. I’ve played 150 European matches, I’ve seen everything. I told the players that today would not be like against Salzburg or Bodo/Glimt. I told them that the 1-0 in the 90th minute would have been perfect either way.”

“I managed a complicated game with my staff. Wijnaldum’s injury created problems for us. Overall, I’m really happy for the boys.”

Then, the Special One poked fun at Antonio Cassano, “Is Cassano in the studio by any chance?”

“I have enough experience to understand the work I am doing. I am balanced, I am in a phase where the players and the fans are more important, I come in last. I try to give joy to the fans and help the players grow. I’m sure the fans would have gone home happy for the team regardless of the result.”

“We have limits, but I’m never angry with the team, not even when they lose. This team is a family, with all its limitations.”

“Dybala was looking for lost joy and he found it here. He has found a good group, a coach who understands him and a fanbase that loves him. On the pitch he became a leader due to his quality.”

“He will surely think that he has the qualities to play in the strongest teams in the world and think well, but here he has found joy and love. This can also be seen on the pitch.”

“He took a risk today, I told him he could have come in and then come out after two minutes. I told him ‘come in, try and if you have come off, I’ll take you off.”

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