Mourinho on his relationship with Roma and his ambitions for the club

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho is enjoying his international break. In between training sessions at Trigoria, The Special One gave lengthy interview to Esquire Italia. In it he talked, among other things, about Roma, his ambitions at the club and the relationship with the fans.

On what is the main difference between this version of Jose Mourinho and the one from his Inter days:

“Everything. If a coach does not improve it is because he has lost passion and lost the mentality of learning every day.”

“It is not a profession for which age or physical condition is essential, unlike the players. Experience can only improve you. I only think about the next game. All the matches you have played and the trophies you have won, those are in your pocket and you will have time to watch them when you have retired.”

“Now I just want to think about the next game. I feel much more like a coach today than I did 10 or 20 years ago.”

On the one thing he would want to gift Roma at all costs:

“Trophies, because a club lives on trophies, because trophies feed the passion of the fans.”

“I immediately understood that the love you feel for Roma goes beyond trophies, it is an eternal, warm and even familiar passion. But victory is what is missing and we are building a project to get there.”

“If it arrives with me it will be perfect, otherwise it would be wonderful to have contributed to the construction of this future, which is everyone’s dream.”

On what surprised him the most since his arrival in the Italian capital:

“I wouldn’t say surprised because I lived and worked in Italy for two years and played against Roma 4-5-6 times and you immediately understand the atmosphere there.”

“It is an absolutely incredible passion that the fans have for the team. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, and it wasn’t a surprise.”

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