Mourinho prepares big match vs Napoli: “I’d rather lose a match 6-1 than six matches 1-0.”

Roma manager Jose Mourinho
Andy Mattioli

The Special One addressed the media ahead of tomorrow’s big match vs Napoli. The Portuguese technician spoke at length about the humiliating defeat in the Conference League and the team learning from their mistakes.

“We are disputing a positive campaign so far, with more positive performances than the results suggest. We have 15 points, we deserved more.”

“I don’t think about this match being a turning point, I think about winning. The game is difficult, Napoli have won them all and they are doing well.”

On Zaniolo and Karsdorp:

“They’re fine. They will play from the start tomorrow. Those who played against Juve will start.”

On his controversial statements following the 6-1 loss in the Conference League:

“I don’t want to answer specifically about Kumbulla and Perez, I’ll answer in a more general way. I take this opportunity to say something beyond what I said last time around.”

“There are so many people laughing at what he did with Roma. The Friedkins have received so many mistakes that others have made for them. Tiago Pinto the same. The ownership has spent a lot of money to cope with so many things that have been done before and those people are laughing.”

“Someone surely laughs with their pockets full of money. We spent money trying to clean up, to create conditions for the success of this project that takes time.”

“When someone can write a lie about Mourinho not being happy with the ownership… well, that’s the biggest lie one can write.”

“Does Mourinho want more players? Yes, like all coaches. But Mourinho is not an asshole. He has great respect for the Friedkins and Pinto.”

“The result could also have been 7-8 if we played any longer. I’m responsible.”

“Why? I decided to play a team that had a great risk of losing the game. Obviously I didn’t think of such a result. I did it out of fear of the synthetic field, the climate and the large accumulation of matches.”

“I made a mistake. The responsibility is mine and mine alone.”

On whether a team is crucial at this point in the season:

“A possible 6-1 victory with Napoli does not cancel anything. It doesn’t erase the feeling I have, the sense of shock. The next match against Bodo/Glimt I’ll start the same guys as always. If someone gets injured afterwards, it’s a shame.”

“We inherited an emotional scar from an injury record that I have never seen in my life. Roma have an injury record that I have never seen in my life. One of the big concerns we had is that at this level we have to improve a lot. We work a lot, all together.’

“This scar also made me think it was an opportunity to rest people and also to give good guys a chance to play. I repeat: they are good guys, they are people who work and who deserve the opportunity to play. When we went to Ukraine it was a team with a special kind of balance.”

“In Bodo, the synthetic pitch scared everyone. I thought it was an opportunity to rest people: I was wrong, my responsibility. Unfortunately, my history and that of Rome will deservedly remain in history.”

On losing the two big matches vs Lazio and Juve:

“The numbers are true. For me there is only one issue: in recent seasons we have finished sixth and seventh. It is the only thing that matters. If we improve this season compared to last season and we don’t win with the big teams, it’s not a problem. Tomorrow we will play against Napoli and we will try to win.”

On whether Roma will play with a chip on their shoulder:

“I’m not superstitious. For me it’s all very objective, pragmatic. It doesn’t matter what we did three days ago. It’s a match against a great team and with a great coach. A difficult match for us, I don’t think it’s easy for them. Tremendous pleasure to laugh and greet “Spallettone” before and after the game.”

“Thursday’s game cannot be forgotten. I prefer to lose that one against Bodo because I think I have enough points to continue in the Conference League. From the standpoint of the standings it is not a tragedy. I think we are candidates to go all the way.”

“I’d rather lose a 6-1 match than six matches 1-0.”

On Pinto’s words before the Thursday match:

“When we had 4 victories in Serie A I said jokingly – but I never joke – I talked about Saint Peter. An example and Max (Allegri, ed) don’t get angry with me: if Chiellini is injured he plays De Ligt and if Alex Sandro is tired he plays De Sciglio.”

“In our team we have adequate solutions for some positions, which we don’t have in others. We must not hide it. We are building a team but we are building a solid squad. To do this, you need to have more transfer windows at your disposal and more money.”

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