Mourinho prepares Torino showdown: “It will be a difficult game.”

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho addressed the media ahead of Sunday’s home match against Torino.

“It will be a difficult game. Everyone understands that they are a team that defends a lot and with their own attributes, not unique, because others do it too. It won’t be easy.”

“They don’t give you many opportunities and are a really difficult team to beat. We will need a match with great attacking quality.”

On whether he will return to a 4-man midfield:

“A good football question. But a question that needs an objective answer: I don’t want to answer you. Right now the situation is improving compared to the options we have.”

“With Cristante and Villar’s COVID and Veretout’s suspension, the problem has moved to the middle. The problem has moved from the full backs to the midfield.”

“Two starters and Villar are missing, a quality option. But we have a clear option to play 4 or 5 which we did not have before: without full backs we could only play one way.”

On fan attendance:

“I knew passion, I expected it so much and I felt love from the first day. In the Italy I met before, there was no comparison with English football: with cold, football, rain or snow in England it was always sold out. Now I see a very positive evolution.”

“We’ve already lost and drawn and played both very well and so and so but the fans have always come to the stadium and they always see a team playing for them.”

“From the fan’s point of view, this makes one feel connection and empathy and perhaps it is the reason why even in the Conference League, with a lot of rain and a match during the week, there was a beautiful Olympic.”

“Now with Torino and Inter it is easier for us to play. Or perhaps not easier, but it is more beautiful. And I think it is also the same for the opponents. If we have any responsibility for it, I like it a lot.”

On whether Mancini could play in the midfield:

“Of course. Mainly because at the moment we have all the central defenders available. If it is up to each of them to make the sacrifice, they must do it.”

“Ibanez has already done so. There are things that are impossible to do, like putting Zaniolo at full back or Vina as a forward. But some players like Ibanez, Mancini, Cristante, Mkhitaryan, have this predisposition to be multifunctional. They also have the availability and quality to do it.”

“Mancini has already done so and can play in midfield.”

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