Mourinho reflects on his time at Roma, discusses potential future in Saudi Arabia

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss Jose Mourinho was asked to share his thoughts on his time at Roma as well as respond to links with Saudi Arabia.

In a recent interview with TG2, Mourinho gave an insightful look into Roma’s dressing room.

“Our group is very united. The energy is very good. The people in the dressing room are good, we all have our flaws, but we are a good working group,” he said.

“Are Roma criticized too much? Yes, we get criticized too heavily and are not protected enough. Roma are criticized too much and so is Mourinho. A small example: our journey to the Europa League final was very easy according to many critics.”

“Look at what Red Bull Salzburg is doing in the Champions League, Real Sociedad in the Champions League and in the league…Feyenoord what they are doing in the Champions League, they are still fighting, Bayer Leverkusen look at what they are doing.”

He continued, “I think the last match they lost was in Rome. If there was another coach, another club with another profile, the story would be completely different.”

“For me it’s not a problem from a personal point of view, because it’s something that has accompanied me throughout my career. If it wasn’t a problem for me ten years ago, imagine if it could be a problem now.”

Meanwhile, the Special One lauded Roma’s supporters—-highlighting their unwavering support for the club.

“But I think it’s a problem for Roma as a club, because they deserve much more. I think it’s also a problem for the fans, who also deserve much better. But it is a joy for the pseudo fans and pseudo intellectuals of football.”

“My relationship with the city is special. I feel the desire and the professional responsibility, a sense of pride, but here there is something more to it than that. These people make you tremble, they make you feel special. I love these people, and for this reason I have no problem in saying that Roma is very special for me, in my career.”

“The young players? I get emotional about this, in my career it has also happened with important players, like Varane who played his first match as a starter in the Champions League for my Real Madrid team at 18 years old.”

Adding, “But even Santon, Scott McTominay, they are different. But here in Roma it was even more so as a result of the situation and the understanding of how important it was for the club at all levels, as seen in the summer in the ‘fight’ with Financial Fair Play. But it’s not just this, it’s also the sense of belonging of these kids.”

“When I saw the joy of these people, of D’Alessio and Cherubini to name the last ones to make their debut – I think there are already fifteen of them over the years – there is also a bond that remains and which I treasure.”

Finally, Mourinho was asked if his next coaching stop would be in Saudi Arabia after the league’s high-profile transfer moves in recent months.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I think I’ll go there one day,” he confessed. “But when I say one day, I don’t mean tomorrow or the day after.”

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