Mourinho reprimands Roma’s attitude in first half vs Juventus

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Jose Mourinho was not happy with his team’s effort in tonight’s 1-1 draw at the Juventus Stadium. The Special One did not mince words while discussing Roma’s attitude in the first half to the game.

“We had so much fu**ing luck in the first half tonight,” he told DAZN after the game. “Then in the second half we managed to do something.”

“At half-time I told my team I felt ashamed of them. I was ashamed,” he continued. “The second half was better. But it’s not about tactics. It’s about attitude, we’re talking about attitude.”

“We can’t allow ourselves to come here and play like that. I told Salvatore [Foti, Mourinho’s assistant]: pray that we go down only 1-0 at half-time. For us, to be only one goal down at half-time was fantastic.”

“We didn’t do anything, purely luck. In the second half we saw a different team, unfortunately the bench offers few offensive solutions during the game. No Zaniolo, no Wijnaldum… Max with all the problems he has, he managed to make changes.”

“It was hard to remove Mancini from the pitch. The defenders were victims of a horrible game. In the first half it was really bad. Second half I’m very happy. Juve know how to manage the game, tactically they are good.”

“We did well then in the second half, it is an important point for us,” he concluded. “Tammy was happy because he knew that goal of his would make me a bit happier.”

Mourinho also hinted at Andrea Belotti’s imminent arrival, “We’ll see if tomorrow comes someone who can help us, who can push Abraham to do more. We all know who I’m talking about, but until it’s not a done deal…”