Mourinho: “Roma has reignited the fire and passion I have inside me for this job.”

John Solano

New Roma boss José Mourinho gave an extensive interview to GQ and discussed a variety of topics, including his decision to join the capital club.

Early last month, the Giallorossi officially unveiled the Portuguese tactician as their new first team manager. The announcement rocked the Serie A landscape with Mourinho making his return to the league after a decade.

When asked about his decision to return to Italy, Mourinho revealed that it was an easy decision despite spending the previous eight years in England.

“Roma contacted me the day I was sacked by Tottenham,” ‘The Special One’ revealed.

“They really wanted me, it was almost instantaneous. I was sacked in the morning, then they contacted me in the afternoon.”

“I was already aware of it from my time in Italy, but they made me feel the passion for football that exists in the country and especially at Roma, a club that hasn’t won the league in twenty years.”

He continued, “The Friedkin’s, the new owners, had a humble approach and conveyed to me their enthusiasm for this incredible new chapter in their lives. They were extremely objective, sincere, and honest with me. I was struck by their approach.”

In response, the 58 year-old was asked about the Giallorossi’s approach compared to those made by any of his recent former clubs, such as Tottenham or Manchester United.

“It’s true that I’ve made some mistakes, I haven’t always accepted the right projects or I’ve been misled into accepting roles that I shouldn’t have. However, it’s all the same in the end.”

“I joined Manchester United during a transition period then I went to Tottenham, a club that has no history of success. Now, though, I’m going to Roma, who have new ownership.”

He added, “Though, I immediately felt great empathy with these owners, and with Tiago Pinto. They’ve reignited the fire and passion I have inside me for this job.”

“It took very little for me to say yes. So now I’ll dive into this mission impossible, which I define as ‘ impossible’ because people tend to look at me and in their eyes there’s only one way to measure success: winning.”

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