Mourinho satisfied with the team’s intensity and Calafiori’s contribution

Jose Mourinho of AS Roma
Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho gets back into the groove of things and leads Roma to three points vs Udinese after the disappointing display in Verona.

The Special One was interviewed by DAZN and had the chance to talk about the intensity of the match, Pellegrini’s unexpected red card and the implications of it going into Sunday’s derby vs Lazio.

On the team’s reaction after the first loss of the season against Hellas Verona:

“After a defeat, the next match is always the most emotionally difficult.”

“The first 35 minutes were the ones with the most quality so far into the season. We were in total control against a defensively organized team. We were able to create, score and control all the transitions and counter attacks. We had the game in our hands.”

“In the second half there was a reaction from them, we lost control a bit but we remained a team. With one man less on the pitch we didn’t have any problems, the team was united. The match was difficult but the points are well deserved.”

On how Pellegrini’s feeling given he is expected to miss out on the derby:

“I don’t know the legal ways of Italian football, but I want to know them. If they exist I need to have him play. We must do everything to get him to play. I have so many doubts about the second yellow. I can’t tell you if he plays on Sunday, I don’t know the legal mechanisms.”

On Roma need to compete with the other 3-4 top teams in the league:

“I need time, but also something more than time which I don’t want to discuss with you.”

“Right now I’m focused on helping the team grow and the players. At an organizational level, I work well, with very good people, I am able to make my contribution based on my experience and knowledge. But we need time and something extra.”

His thoughts on the management:

“Management also needs time. A crazy ownership doesn’t care about the club’s future, there are so many examples in Europe. But this ownership is concerned about today, tomorrow and the day after, that the club is sustainable.”

“The fans have to control emotions, expectations and I love how they have been behind the team today. From Trigoria to the Olimpico I was able to tell the players that the fans are with us after a defeat. It is good for us to have 12 points in 5 games, we have to continue like this.”

On Calafiori’s performance following his assist for Tammy Abraham:

“He played well, better than the last game because he took more risks. In the last game he did the bare minimum, today he did more and did a beautiful action for the goal.”

“He must have more confidence in himself, in his body given he had so many problems at just 19. He must not be afraid and not ask for the change after the first negative feeling or mistake. He must be more of a man.”

“He is a fantastic guy, with a truly Giallorossi heart. Today he will be happy, I am also happy with him. But you have to work and it takes time.”

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