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Mourinho singles out Edoardo Bove’s performance in Slavia Praha defeat

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Jose Mourinho did not mince words after his side failed to show up against Slavia Praha earlier this evening.

The Portuguese technician – in all his frustration and disappointment at the final 2-0 result in Slavia’s favor – singled out Edoardo Bove as the only player to have performed well in tonight’s match.

“When our best player, the one I really liked because he had the mentality and played with everything I like, is a 20-year-old boy who wasn’t in the first team two years ago, then it means we have a problem,” Mourinho told Sky Sport at full-time.

“He was the only one to play with courage, intelligence and strength. One player. One. If you have eleven players on the field but only one plays then you have problems. The only one who didn’t deserve to lose was Bove. Everyone else, including me, deserved to lose tonight.”

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