Mourinho: “The result from the first leg must be forgotten. Tonight is a final.”

Jose Mourinho of AS Roma
Andy Mattioli

Roma manager José Mourinho briefly introduced tonight’s game with Leicester City which will determine one of this year’s Conference League finalists.

“Tonight is a final,” he told the club. “I said it after the first leg in England, the 1-1 result must be forgotten, it’s done. This is a game on its own.”

“Tonight is a final that will be fought in Rome.”

On Leicester he commented, “They have the whole team at their disposal, they have prepared this game by changing 9 players in the league against Tottenham.”

“We had a difficult game against Bologna and we would have another difficult one later against Fiorentina.”

“We have to forget all this and put everything on the game we have to play tonight.”

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