Pallotta discusses the Stadio della Roma and Roman radio

John Solano

More quotes from Roma president James Pallotta’s appearance at the “Sport Decision Maker” conference in Miami earlier this week have been published by These are his words:

“We produce seven hours of original video content, which is the most of any club. We also have our own TV station that has 6 million subscribers, so the TV side has been great. We also bought a terrestrial radio license as there are nine radio stations in Rome that only talked about Italian football and they would make up shit all day long. So I got tired of it, bought the radio station, and now three of those nine are bankrupt, and we have six to go.”

“If you go to a lot of team websites, the first thing you see is 50% off of merchandise. Things like that cheapen your brand, so we don’t do that. We also crowdsource a lot of things from talented fans who do things like send in their own designs of logos or merchandise. Soon we plan to curate those designs and ask if [fans] want to buy a hoodie or T-shirt with their design on it. It takes no money to do on a capital basis, and then we can ship it to them and do runs from one item to millions.”

Pallotta also discussed the Stadio della Roma: “It’s a great space, and it will be the most-used stadium in all of Southern Europe. The hope is to have approvals wrapped up by June and then to open the stadium in mid 2022, creating a new place not only for the team to play in but for partner AEG to hold music festivals and more”.

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