Pallotta meets with Rome mayor Virginia Raggi

John Solano

Members of Roma’s hierarchy including president James Pallotta, Mauro Baldissoni, and Umberto Gandini.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Stadio della Roma, which the club hopes to begin construction for in March.

James Pallotta spoke briefly to awaiting media members at the conclusion of the meeting, here are his words:

“It was a good meeting, very positive. It went well. We showed them some things and we went into more detail. We told her (Raggi) what we have done in the last 3 to 4 years. Great. They know that it is an important project, we know that is important. Am I optimistic? I am always optimistic. Ever since the beginning of this path to the Stadio della Roma there have never been any problems: the newspapers and journalists are the ones writing and creating problems. We will break ground this winter. Ever since the start things have gone well with both the city and Italian government.”

Baldissoni: “We are very satisfied, the meeting went well.”

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