Patrik Schick: “I didn’t feel completely happy in Rome. I really needed a change”.

John Solano

Patrik Schick gave an interview today to Czech outlet just days after completing his loan move from Roma to RB Leipzig. These are his words:

Do you feel relieved to have left Roma and found a club that offers you the opportunity to play with more continuity?
I didn’t feel completely happy in Rome, so I think it was the right move. I really needed a change.

You reportedly received more offers, but you chose Leipzig.
Until the last moment, I had no idea how the negotiations would go, so I was ready for both options. I was ready to go to Leipzig, but also to stay in Rome and fight again for a place in the starting lineup.

You know what awaits you in Germany. You also had teammates in Rome who played in Germany.
I asked several people about the Bundesliga and all I received were positive comments. There’s the stadiums, the atmosphere…the fans. Edin even confirmed to me that if I had gone to Leipzig, it’d be a good decision.

You’ll join Julian Negelsmann, who prefers to use two strikers. 
I naturally took all of this into account. There’s not only the style of play or where they are in the table, there’s the fact they play in the Champions League. Our national team boss Kadeřábek told me about Nagelsmann, whom he played with at Hoffenheim.

In general, it is a type of football that you should like more than the one played at Roma.
It will be quite the change because Roma play a slower football and it was difficult to impose yourself on the teams that play more defensively. With Leipzig, it will be different because they play quicker and more aggressive.

It seems as though you’re talking of having escaped from Rome.
I’m not talking about an escape, but I needed a change. It is the right step for my career.

Why didn’t Roma go well?
It’s hard to say why, there were more factors. It was a difficult beginning to start a new adventure without adequate preparation, then there were injuries, high expectations, which unfortunately I did not fully satisfy, plus there was the pressure I played under.

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