Pau Lopez: “I’m happy with my transfer to Rome. I’ve completely adapted to the city”.

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Pau Lopez was interviewed today by Radio Onda Cero and discussed his summer move to the Giallorossi. Here’s what the Spaniard had to say:

How are you doing in Rome?
I am happy in Rome, I have completely adapted to the city and to the team. From a sporting point of view, I can’t complain because I am playing a lot and I am very happy with my transfer this summer.

What is life like there?
Ultimately, life isn’t so much different here than in Spain. It was much more difficult to adapt to England. The language here is much easier to learn thanks to the several Argentine teammates I have, who have helped me – including with the every day things in the city.

What about the transfer from Betis to Roma?
I was happy in Seville and my family was happy too, but at the end of the season, my agent called me and told me about strong interest from Roma. They were very determined and did all they could to convince me – this is why I decided to leave. I knew it would be a period of growth for my career. Roma is an important club and I think I made the right choice.

Is it true that you cut your wages?
Betis was asking for much more than they had initially agreed. In the end, Roma and I both made an effort to be able to finalise the operation in the best way possible. I’m not the first nor will I best the last to do this.

The city is fantastic though, right?
It is – I’ve come here before with my family and, honestly, the city didn’t make a big impression on me. But when I transferred and started to live here, it made a huge impression on me. When you live somewhere, you get a different point of view and I have to say, the city is incredible. I live close to the center of the city so I can experience everything more deeply.

But there’s a lot of traffic.
It’s true – there’s a ton of traffic here, but it’s not at all comparable to the chaos that exists in London.

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