Paulo Dybala declares love to Roma: “I try to give back what you have given me.”

Andy Mattioli

Argentine star Paulo Dybala declared his love for Roma in a recent event organized by the club.

During an event at the EUR, Dybala addressed Roma fans, thanking them for their support and reaffirmed his ambitions for the seasons.

“Thank you on behalf of myself and the team for the support every year. For us it is absolutely crucial.”

“After such an important year for me, receiving all this affection was incredible because I didn’t expect it. I knew you a little bit before coming here, but you immediately made me feel at home and this allows me to perform better on the pitch.”

“I have tried to give you, throughout the year, something back of everything you have given me. We were this close to celebrating together last season, but for me it was still an incredible year in every sense.”

“I have always been in love with Rome since I was a child. I lived very far away, I didn’t know the city but from what I saw I knew I liked it a lot. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, both me and my family feel good here, I try to enjoy it as much as possible by walking and getting around it on foot and I hope to enjoy it for a little while longer.”

“It will be a very long season with many games ahead of us. I hope to be able to get to March with the possibility of competing in all the competitions we have at our disposal. It’s our goal, we have a strong team.”

“Important players have joined us and I believe we must continue and improve on last year’s journey. Unfortunately we came close, but this must be the spirit, always giving something extra, both in training and during matches. We didn’t start the season well but I’ve been in worse situations and then things turned around. I hope they can go like this this time too.”

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