Petrachi, Pallotta unload on refereeing display

Roma sporting director Gianluca Petrachi spoke to Sky Sport following Roma’s 1-1 draw against Cagliari, which was filled with refereeing controversies.

“We are very, very bitter. It is not only this week that we have been wronged, it is a fact. We’re missing more than a few penalties our way. It seems that Roma or I have gone mad thinking that something has gone wrong from a refereeing point of view,” he said.

”Today, the referee had a bad attitude towards us from the very start. He did nothing but create tension in what was otherwise a calm game. The goal disallowed at the end is ridiculous. Ridiculous. It’s a contact that happens in the box all the time, there are hundreds of those in every game and you cannot disallowed a goal for that. Football is a contact sport, it’s not ballet made for little kids. It’s a man’s game and there’s contact involved. I’m mortified”.

Meanwhile, Roma president James Pallotta took to his official Twitter account to voice his displeasure at Davide Massa’s refereeing performance.


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