Petrachi: “Roma will need two new central defenders”.

John Solano

Following the press conference of Leonardo Spinazzola, Roma sporting director Gianluca Petrachi answered questions about the market. These are his words:

Mancini, Alderweireld and Veretout. Where are these negotiations going?
I won’t talk about the single player. Let’s talk about each department, with the departure of Marcano and Manolas, Roma needs two central defenders. We are working on several fronts and I hope to formalise something soon. It’s not right to talk about a single player because it’s possible we’ll discuss only one but then bring another.

What are the futures of Nzonzi and Pastore? Will they still be in Rome?
The Mister was clear: he asked us to allow him to have a look at everyone. Then after some time, he’ll have a better idea who can be a technical part of the project. He can only evaluate a player well after seeing him in training. For these two, as with others, we’ll take stock of the situation towards the end of the ritiro as we’ll have a better idea at who stays and goes.

Have you been able to persuade Higuain? What about Dzeko?
I won’t talk about individuals. I’m conspiratorial and very-silent in what I do. I work differently than others, I prefer to do so this way. I try not to reveal a lot. I don’t communicate a lot – only to those who have input from a budgetary standpoint like Fienga. If you’re asking me about specific areas of the pitch I can tell you that we’ll buy a midfielder. But I won’t say a name and play the game that drives the sales of newspapers. I won’t partake in this.

Can you say that Zaniolo and Florenzi will remain at Roma or could they leave?
I take this opportunity as it relates to Corriere dello Sport. Listen… I say what I think. I scolded Zaniolo with all the affection that you’d receive from a family member. I want him to come back and have his head on his shoulders. However, they immediately wrote that I’ve put him up for sale. This is absolutely not true. My work isn’t limited to the transfer market. I have direct contact with my players and sometimes I still feel as if I’m wearing my football boots. But from Zazzaroni to Pedulla, who said one day after that I put Zaniolo up for sale, you can’t hang on every single word that is said so that you can make your articles. I didn’t put him on the market. But anything is possible in football. For instance, Juve never intended to sell Zidane. But I like to be clear and direct about everything. This is just like when I talked about Baldini being a resource for me. Then last week rumors started to circulate. I want to be clear because I won’t talk about this subject again: let’s say I’m negotiating and have the chance to bring Alderweireld, who has a release clause. Perhaps I’m dealing with his agent because I have a rapport with him while Baldini, who has good relations with Tottenham, can be of support to Roma and save us money – it’s obvious I’m going to utilise his qualities to help. But if it’s being written that Baldini is handling the transfer market, then it’s all wrong. I do not like misunderstandings. If I get something wrong, I’ll be the first to say so and admit I underestimated things. I want to end this discussion and never have it reappear. As for Florenzi, I have already discussed him. Today he’s the captain, I never put him on the market. Those who have been put on the market have already been sold. I never offered Florenzi to anybody. We need fixed points on this team.

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