(Post-match) Karsdorp: “I’m a fighter and hope to continue like this”.

John Solano

Rick Karsdorp to Roma TV after Roma 1–1 Milan:

It was not easy after Fiorentina.
It was a complicated match, today we wanted to redeem ourselves and we wanted a victory. The team was focused and trained well the last few days, it’s too bad we didn’t win a match we deserved. But there are signs of confidence for the next one.

Can we say that Karsdorp’s adventure with Roma is starting?
Physically I still have to improve, today I had cramps after 85 minutes. I’m doing better and I’m showing it, I’m a fighter and I hope to continue like this.

You did very well in the defensive phase.
I can still improve in all phases, even defensively. You see improvements by playing in matches — I hope I can do even better