(Pre-match) De Sanctis: “With all due respect to Capello, Zaniolo has done everything asked of him”.

John Solano

Roma director Morgan De Sanctis spoke to Sky Sport before Roma’s Europa League match against Borussia Mönchengladbach. These are his words:

Mancini’s position today is the big news.
I can only say that (Sky Sport pundits) Minotti and Adani are very well prepared – they guessed that this could be an option. We’ll see what happens.

Everyone has to give a bit more when there’s injuries like this. What about Zaniolo? Has he done what you asked?
Zaniolo has always given answers and it’s been a year now since he’s been a protagonist in Roma’s first team. He’s always done what has been asked of him both on and off the pitch. He’s taken a path of growth that allowed us to hand him a contract renewal. With all due respect to Mr. Capello, who has made footballing history including with Roma, what he said yesterday was a bit of a gaffe. Nicolo is giving us a lot. There’s no reason to consider him someone who operates outside of the rules of our profession. He’s a strong boy and great professional but let’s remember: he’s still a teenager.