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(Pre-match) Florenzi: “It won’t be an easy game, they defend well”.

Roma captain Alessandro Florenzi was interviewed by Roma TV before the start of the Giallorossi’s home clash against Torino. Here’s what the fullback had to say.

It’s a complicated game after the break.
Yes, they are not an easy team to face, they defend well and have good players in attack. We will have to play our game and be ruthless — we’ve got to remember that this is when the games really start to count. These matches aren’t worth only three points but they also effect the atmosphere and the mood, we will need everyone. We are thinking about bringing home an important victory.

What will be the biggest difficulties?
As I said, they defend well and have skilled players up front. It will not be an easy game for us but it won’t be an easy one for them either.

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