(Pre-match) Zaniolo: “Borussia are strong, but we came here to win”.

John Solano

Nicolo Zaniolo spoke to Roma TV before the Giallorossi’s Europa League clash in Germany against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Here’s what the Roma starlet had to say before kick-off:

How important is your experience in matches like this?
It matters a lot because in Europe, it is essential to approach all the games well. We came here to get the points and to win – that’s what we want.

Where do you get your mental strength from?
I get it from my teammates, from the coaching  staff and from the fans who come to watch all the games. Also from training, where I prepare myself to play well.

Borussia are very strong.
They are a strong team, they are first in the Bundesliga, we have come here to win because we are just as strong.

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