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If you’ve been a regular sports bettor online, you have likely noticed that many authorities are working to limit gambling problems. As an organization that has been at the forefront of this field, Gamstop has played a significant role. Gamstop has seen its popularity rise since most gambling sites that are not part of GamStop have been mandated to implement self-exclusion schemes. However, there are still some NGB sports sites not on GamStop that accept British players and offer great options. The exclusion period depends on the choice of the online bettor that can be half a year, a complete year, and even as long as five years.

It has been reported that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is threatening license cancellations and fines if gambling operators breach GamStop. GamStop has recently established a partnership with numerous English football clubs as a way to help people with gambling problems. Considering that football is the most popular sport to bet on, it makes sense to make this move.

GamStop has collaborated with football clubs such as Middlesbrough FC, Crystal Palace FC, and Luton Town FC to promote responsible and safe gambling. The partnership will, however, also have some drawbacks, even though it has potential benefits. We have evaluated some of the potential pros and cons of joining forces with GamStop in this article.

Benefits of Collaboration

Founded in 2016, GamStop’s mission is to prevent compulsive gambling and keep people safe. Additionally, it encourages gamblers to use self-exclusion schemes in order to limit their online gambling activities. This scheme forces the addicts to limit their gambling activities within the boundaries of the United Kingdom. If Roma joins hands with the above-mentioned football clubs it will be of great impact in encouraging the objective of GamStop. Some of the benefits that can be predicted from the collaboration are as follows.

Fame and credibility of the club

A.S. Roma is already one of the most respected football clubs in the UK and beyond. In the professional league competition, Serie A, Roma won three times (1941-42, 1982-83, 2000-01). They also won one Serie B (1951-52), one Intercities fairs cup (1960-61), and one Anglo-Italian Club (1972). Nine Coppa Italia titles and two Supercopa Italiana titles (2001, 2007) have also been won by this team. Taking advantage of the club’s global reputation, GamStop will bring increased prestige to the self-exclusion program. This will also make a path for more and more clubs for future collaboration to create awareness among addicted bettors.

Aiding addicted punters

Approximately 1.4 million people in the UK are gambling addicts, and the number is increasing at an alarming rate thanks to the easy access to online betting platforms. Many sports organisations support and promote responsible gambling in the United Kingdom. Gambling watchdogs haven’t been able to solve this problem despite their strict rules and regulations. Thus, it is crucial to assist these punters at risk of addiction. The goal of assisting vulnerable gamblers will be easily achieved when the Roma join to promote this scheme through their online social platform, advertisements, etc.

Spreading proper awareness about the ill effects of gambling

Gamstop promotes its agenda by educating people about responsible gambling. The ill effects of gambling including the destruction of personal life and reckless spending that often leads to bankruptcy are also brought to attention. Millions of fans of Roma club both natives as well as international get knowledge from various platforms provided by the Club, about safe and responsible gambling within the UK and beyond.

Demerits of the collaboration

Although a partnership can have many benefits for the club, it may also have many disadvantages. Most online operators do not prefer schemes like GamStop that promote reasonable gambling since there is a great downfall in the revenue. GamStop not only curbs the allure of gambling addicts but also checks the activities of a regular punter. Moreover, reckless spending is directly proportional to the revenue generated; more the spending more will be the income of the operator. After they join GamStop and activate the self-exclusion service, they will no longer be able to use any UK-licensed betting apps or sites for the period that they select.

No sponsorship from Betting companies

Betting companies are some of the biggest sponsors of football clubs. Mostly since football is one of the most popular sports to wager on. A number of the football league clubs endorse betting companies with their kits, jerseys, and merchandise. But collaboration with schemes that promote self-exclusion will drive the betting companies away and cancel many exclusive deals. 

Shortage in sponsorship funds

Due to the self-exclusion period, there is a deficiency in the income of the online operators. That may often lead to a shortage of sponsorship funds available to a club. Due to a shortage of funds, the club will fail to pay its players, members, and other activities that will affect the performance of the club in games and bring forward its downfall. 

So, before collaborating with an organization like GamStop the management of Roma has to properly consider the edges as well as the demerits before they finally arrive at a decision.

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