Raggi: “There is still no agreement on the stadium.”

John Solano

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi released some statements today to the blog of Italian political activist and the founder of the Movimento Cinque Stella (M5S) party, Beppe Grillo:

“Us in M5S have a vice that we do not want to lose for any reason: we tell it like it is, clearly and without deceit. For the stadium in the Tor di Valle, this administration has no agreement in place with the club. We are working hard, and with great seriousness, working through a delicate negotiation, which is still underway.”

“What everyone may not know is, because the newspapers systematically forget to remember this and mention it, is that the stadium project in the Tor di Valle was inherited from the previous mayor, Mayor Marino, and the majority of the Democratic Party. In their usual style, they thought more special about the special interests for this project rather than the general ones, which are all of the Roman citizens.”

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