Raiola: “Everton has no intention of letting Kean leave”.

One of the roles Roma is looking to improve upon in the January transfer window is that of “vice-Dzeko”. The Giallorossi are keen to find someone who can alternate with the Bosnian and one of the names they’ve been linked to is Everton’s Moise Kean.

However, Mino Raiola, the agent of the young attacker, has dashed the hopes of any potential move for Kean while speaking to La Repubblica.

”Everton are overjoyed with Kean. They realised it would take some time for him to adapt,” he said. “Serie A doesn’t prepare you well enough for the technical and physical level of the Premier League.“

”I’ve got a pile of requests for him sitting on my desk, but Everton has no intention of selling him or allowing him to leave”.

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