Relive Some Of The Greatest Derby Della Capitale

AS Roma's supporters celebrate after winning the Italian Serie A football match AS Roma vs Lazio on November 18, 2017 at the Olympic stadium in Rome. / AFP PHOTO / Filippo MONTEFORTE (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP via Getty Images)
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The Derby Della Capitale is always an exciting and festive event. The two Roman rivals going up against each other. Through the years, there have been some quite thrilling and famous games, despite the fact that the two have only faced each other in a single Coppa Italia final. Relive Some Of The Greatest Derby Della Capitale here.

Derbies are one of the most exciting types of matches in the world of football. There’s just something special about the rival teams facing each other on the field. These are also some of the most popular ones to bet on. If you have a favorite team participating in the derby, you’re probably betting on them. If you’re just watching the derby Della Capitale for the excitement, it can also be a fun way to bet. Usually, the two teams facing each other are pretty much on the same level making it fun to bet on. If you’re a Roma or Lazio fan, you can still find online sports betting in New York. And the revivals Roma and Lazio have indeed played some of the most exciting derbies in football history. Relive some of the greatest derby Della Capitale here.

2013: Roma 0-1 Lazio (Coppa Italia final)

The first time that the two teams faced each other in a Coppa Italia Final was in 2013. Previously, Lazio had won the cup five times while Roma had won the cup nine times. Neither team could brag about having beaten the other one in a final. It was almost as close as it could be impossible to say who’d take home the victory. In the end, the game was determined by the one goal that Lazio scored after just 20 minutes.

2001-02: Lazio 1-5 Roma

That’s not exactly how it went when the two teams met each other for a derby in the 2001-02 season. Roma was defending their title as Series A champions this season and so they did. They ended up scoring no less than five goals against a paralyzed Lazio.

ROME, ITALY:  AS Roma's midfielder Francesco Totti (C) kicks the ball despite Lazio Rome's midfielders Dejan Stankovic (L) and Stefano Fiore (R) during their Italian first league derby, at Rome's Olympic Stadium, 10 March 2002. AFP PHOTO GABRIEL BOUYS (Photo credit should read GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)

1999-2000: Lazio 2-1 Roma

Two seasons before this, it was Lazio who took home a 2-1 victory. At this point in the season, there were just nine games left and Lazio was second after Juventus. This made them fight for the three points and beat their rivals, Roma. They continued to win the rest of their matches except a single one. They made an amazing comeback, beat Juventus, and took home the title that year.

1998-99: Roma 3-1 Lazio

The previous season, Lazio suffered a rather famous defeat to their rivals Roma. The title, that they got later on, could have been theirs this season if it weren’t because of this match. Roma was two points ahead when Lazio’s Vieri suddenly struck in the 78th minute. The excitement rose, and Roma was suddenly not so relaxed. Totti decides to finalize the game with another goal, and Lazio must see themselves defeated, missing the Scudetto to Milan for just one single point.

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