Report: Mourinho accused Lorenzo Pellegrini of instigating his dismissal from Roma

Andy Mattioli

A new report from today’s edition of Il Romanista reveals what went on at Trigoria the day that Jose Mourinho was dismissed as the team’s head coach.

The report by D. Lo Monaco suggests that it all began on 16 January when President Dan Friedkin communicated to Mourinho the club’s decision to sack him with immediate effect.

After a heated confrontation between the two, Mourinho headed for his office to prepare for his move out of the club’s premises.

In the meantime, some players arrived at Trigoria after hearing of Mourinho’s dismissal.

The players’ intention was to meet with Mourinho and talk to him prior to his departure, but the Special One was not keen on this, intending to leave Trigoria as soon as possible.

Then, when they returned to Trigoria for training in the afternoon, Pellegrini finds a ring on his locker (not the Conference League one, but the one that the players had given to the coach for his 60th birthday), with an unpleasant note that sounds more or less like this: “I hope you can win a lot in the future, I also hope you can become a better man.”

Lorenzo is very disappointed. Without thinking twice about it, he decides to call Mourinho.

The Special One’s response freezes him: “They told me that you spoke to the president and told him that it was right to send me away and put De Rossi in my place.” To which the captain supposedly replied, “Coach, you are disappointing me. I never dreamed of doing anything like that. Nobody asked me anything, I arrived to Trigoria this morning thinking I was going to work with you. This is the only truth, free to believe what you want, but it didn’t happen that way.” The reaction is too compelling to ignore. So Mourinho loosens up: “Then I apologize if I offended you, for me it ends here.”

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